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Yellow Log is a storytelling company producing stories in all its varieties and forms to transmit a journey and experience to its audience.


We believe that we need to continuously experience the world in new ways in order to renew our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.  Therefore we are on a constant search for new forms of storytelling and narratives to portray the world.


Our passion stems from crafting enduring stories and experiences that foster curiosity and understanding. To reach even more saturated audiences that are getting more selective, we think that stories should be an experience where we see the unfamiliar unfold in a familiar context and vice versa. We work with innovative, hybrid and playful forms of storytelling to engage and surprise audiences around the world.

Executive producer:
Bendik Rugaas


Andreas Øyvåg


Racha H Larsen


Paul tunge


Egil Håskjold Larsen

phone: +47 97977320


address NORWAY: jens bjelkes gate 47b, 0578 oslO

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